Lok Vidhyalaya, Untdi


The Untdi Vibhag Kelavni Mandal Trust started the middle school in 1919 with 32 students. The school produced many great students, who have launched successful careers. The school has continued to remain the hub of education for not only Untdi, but many of the surrounding villages including Malvan, Dharasana, Umarsadi, Jespore, Joravasana, Dungri, Dati and others. The school building serves a population of roughly 40,000, which includes a variety of communities.

The Untdi Vibhag Kelavni Mandal Trust in collaboration with the Desai Foundation, headquartered in United States, together, created a vision and foundation for a formal and informal education center for the community, and named it Shantaben Vidhyabhavan.

Shantaben Vidhyabhavan : About Mission

Vision/ Mission:

Shantaben Vidhyabhavan provides the general population of the greater Untdi region access to a quality Kindergarten to high school education and tools to improve general knowledge, develop life enhancement skills, increase the understanding of critical health issues and ultimately improve the economic and social viability and sustainability for the region.

Guiding Principles:

Shantaben Vidhyabhavan will:

  • Be accessible to all community members regardless of caste, creed, religion & economic status.
  • Involve local leaders & volunteers in formulating & conducting all activities.
  • Remain economically sustainable through private & public contributions and through diligent budget management.
  • Conduct activities that benefit the local community and have a measurable impact.
  • Create support networks & advocacy groups.
  • Manage and report to stakeholders periodically with full transparency