• By Admin
  • 15-03-2014

Community Outreach Program

At Shantaben Vidhyabhavan, we organized and offered various outreach programs to reach out to different stakeholders.  Our community Outreach plan is designed in such a way where we can get involved in all ready mechanisms of services provided by government body, private resources and other agencies to support our activities at Shantaben Vidhyabhavan.

These outreach activities have been extensively achieved by visiting all villages, meeting with parents and women’s group, and through active canvassing through loud speakers on Reiksha and leaflets.  We also reached out to all youths. 

This has resulted in: 

  • Great attendance during Bhumi Puja of about 750 people & in opening ceremony 3000 people
  • Successful health camp activities reaching out to nearly 1000 people in 2013
  • Shakhi Mandels activity where we had an attendance of 200
  • Bala Health Mela with attendance of 250
  • Youth committee had several meetings with attendance of up to 70 youths

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