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  • 20-10-2013

Health Camp

A free health camp was hosted on Sunday October 20, 2013 at Shantaben Vidhyabhava. This health camp’s efforts were focused on women and children suffering from skin related complications. Goals of this health camp included, providing free medical service and consultation to villagers in order to increase awareness of basic health and hygiene, and prescribing the appropriate medications, vitamins, antibiotics, treatments, etc. necessary to treat and prevent disease. The health camp was organized in collaboration with Gram Seva Trust Hospital. Both organizations were once again thrilled with the turnout the health camp received. 
Beginning at 9:30AM crowds of individuals, mostly women and children, gathered at Shantaben Vidhyabhavan to meet with a team of 10 doctors, other medical professionals and volunteers. This group of professionals was able to consult with and/or treat nearly 400 beneficiaries from 5 surrounding villages. Overall, the health camp was very successful in identifying anemia in women and children, lack of personal interest/knowledge in hygiene, skin related diseases and a few cases of Leprosy. 


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