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  • 04-12-2012

Children's Physical Checkup

Shantaben Vidhyabhavan, in collaboration with The Gram Seva Trust-Kharel, conducted a health camp for children.  Dr. Hiral Dave and Dr. Sharmishta Patil, Deputy Director of The Children’s Project of Gram Seva, performed full physical checkups on the children. The children were provided with appropriate medication free of charge.  The parents were provided appropriate guidance and records to take home.

The table below summarizes the findings

Total Number of Children Examined




Grade I malnutrition


Grade II malnutrition




Children given high calorie, high protein powder


Children given iron supplements


Children treated for respiratory infection


Children that required further examinations


Due to lack of medical facilities, these children had never been subjected to physical check ups.  Many parents were very grateful.

No major health problems were identified.  Twenty nine percent of the children were found mildly malnourished and ten percent were found moderately malnourished; these children were given nutritional supplements. Most children were also given iron supplements and recommended to eat foods rich in iron. Through these results, we have created an agenda to educate parents on providing their children with the proper nutrients.

The Health and Hygiene Program will continue to work on educating parents, children, and community members on general health, hygiene, and nutrition. They will guide community members on how to find inexpensive and readily available foods that will provide themselves and their children with the right nutrients to grow and lead a healthy life. 

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