Get Involved:

At Shanatben Vidhyabhavan require involvement of society to run it smooth and successfully to achieve objectives and goals.

As a well wisher of Shantaben Vidhyabhavan, you have every right in knowing what happens behind the scene in field! If you wish to visit Shantaben Vidhyabhavan, contact us on

You can be involved yourself with Shantaben Vidhyabhavan in many ways:


Your financial help will provide us strength to run our programs. Although an unrestricted donation helps us makes the most judicious use of your donation, please do let us know if you would like us to direct your donation for a specific objective or program.

For Indian Nationals: All donations in Indian rupees are eligible for tax exemption under Section 80G.

In-kind Support

Generous donations of in-kind goods and services help Shantaben Vidhyabhavan to meet our program. Donating products and services is another invaluable and generous way for individual & businesses to support us. You can help in organizing a fundraising event for Shantaben Vidhyabhavan.

You can help us by gifting materials for programs, providing expertise for health Hygiene program, educational program, and vocational program.

If you would like to support us by gifting in king any way contact us on


We would like to interact with you about our projects & programs. You can work with us as volunteer either directly on the field or help us in with backend projects. Please write to us at about your interest and the time you would like to spend with us. Our Team will get in touch with you soon

CSR Initiative (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Since inception, Untdi Vibhag Kelavni Mandal has received valuable support from its individual Donor. As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility, we are inviting Small scale Industries, Private and Public sector organisations to come forward to support the projects of Shantaben Vidhyabhavan. CSR support whether in the form of donations, volunteering or fundraising will help us in creating awareness and achieving many of its objectives.

The role of NGOs in CSR activities can be indeed very rewarding. One, it will be a step towards a better future and second the Companies will achieve their CSR and business objectives. If planned and executed well, CSR support can prove to be the cornerstone of progress for a NGO. Keeping in line with this, Shantaben Vidhyabhavan too gives ample opportunities for its CSR partners so as to make the partnership long lasting and fulfilling.